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THE OTHER ROOM by Joshua Levites

I belong to you,
And nobody else.
Ages, I was bought with the price of your beauty
That revels without any ‘but’
To gratify your will.
Now I stand, a loyal fool
Your devoted slave.

I am condemned to bow
Mornings at your gate.
At your sanctuary will I worship
In your tabernacle will I dwell
To serve. Worship and adore.

I have seen the other room
The chamber of that mighty woman,
Even the queen of Persia.

I have beheld the other room.
The inner place where she lays
Oh, that fairest among women.

I know that other room
The secret place of that goddess
Whose breasts tastes like honey.

But no other place do I long to be.
Neither paradise, nor hades
Neither palace of mighty kings,
Nor chambers of beauty queens.
Neither company of mighty gods
Nor the dwelling of mean men.

No other room has my place
For your very own room,
I am doomed.

Use me.

Author: Joshua Levites

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