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THE LOVER’S PLEA by Bamas Sinach Victoria

Tears and Sadness marks my face
as I stared into empty space
I pondered if I have played my last ace
as I prayed for God’s Grace.

As past emotions comes to the surface
I wondered if our footsteps can be retraced
so that i can stop the mistake in mid-space
because judgment is harsh on my populace

My gender shouldn’t make worse my penance
so don’t see our demise as the only solace
I know it hurts to the extent you grimace
But I am only human just like the populace.

I need you to decide and accept my repentance
and see if you love me more than you hate me.
For, if you love me more than my mistake
then no reason for us to suffer in silence.

Nigerian Poetry - THE LOVER'S PLEA by Bamas Sinach Victoria

Author: Bamas Sinach Victoria

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