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THE LOVE I KNOW by Benjamin Elemide

I know of the soulful songs
The aged wishes to hear again,
That land them on memory land
Where they chants their lover’s appraisal.

I know of the misconceived letters
That renders ears of lusting youths
Stretched in wanting for more understanding.
Yet, its letters they cannot spell.

I know of the earnest longings,
Temporal, in the young hearts of homes,
Broken, and of those left behind after parents
Got raptured by death, of growing in hands of love.

I know of emotional ships
Sailing on sea of life, guarded
By two sailors, speaking, but none
Understands; they speak not same language.

I know of a language spoken
By many, heard by all, understand
By few; it made the skyscraping tower of babel
That kissed the sky with tongue of unity and zeal.

I know of a special being
Who mended the torn world with
Thread of love, purged the stinking world
With red, revive the world with His holy derived.

I know everything, because
I know Love. Love made everything,
And by him, everything consists in love.
I know, if love is allowed, it can mend the world!

THE LOVE I KNOW by Benjamin Elemide (2)

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