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My inspiration is nowhere to be found
I hear nothing, not an echo, not a sound
I think it means I am no longer earth bound
That I should now know my words and actions will turn the world around

That day is coming
When you will hear the lament of the poet and his singing
You will have a terrible feeling
But I will not be in the bad news they are carrying

Therefore have nothing to fear
To my destiny, daily I near
My present challenges I bear
As we march into a new year

When babes will be crying and adults will be laughing
Unaware that war between flesh and spirit is brewing
The reaper of souls will their blood be harvesting
Bear in mind, I will not be part of that reaping

This is the time we resurrect Santa
And carry high the saviour’s banner
A season of merry and laughter
Let us swim evermore in that lacuna

Tongues will be wagging
Knees will be buckling
The firm in faith shall be standing
I too will be among the standing

When the cowards are running
I will not be among the falling
I rather my name be immortal
Than to try to save a life so mortal

Pardon me and my speaking
It is the truth I am telling
Trouble is its ugly head rearing
In the ranks of those who are brother keeping

Let us be watching and praying
Day in day out we are sinning
Soon the trumpet will be sounding
And one inside the two will experience the rapturing

I hope with you my words are resonating
In your season of rejoicing
Also be contemplating
And in hindsight be looking and seeing

This is not a warning
And I am not prophesying
I too am among the sinning
But those ways are sooner turned to salvation seeking

Let us then make a resolution and let it stand
In this game, never show your hand
Create a special brand
Even if it be bland

Showcase it to the land
But God is the supreme judge
You can never count all the grains of sand
He created by word of mouth to show that the earth is his footstool and heaven his lodge


Author: Jesse Asonze

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