THE ‘JOBLESS’ HOUSEWIFE STORY by Dominic Ayegba Okoliko

Yea, you’re right and I’m wrong.
What do I know about a busy day?
I’m but a ‘house’ wife, I stay put where I belong.
After a day long, I’ve nothing to complain anyway.

You said, at the sixth hour, you run along.
That’s right, except that the house victim is earlier up an hour or two
She has to dutifully dote the dome
Ensuring that chores and breakfast are done.

Yea, you’re right; those aren’t anything!
If they are, they’re just thin!
O yea, ‘jobless’ wife indeed!
But who gets Junior and Ojone set for school?
Who prepares them under adoringly annoying attitudes of a scoundrel age?
These surely, aren’t many things?

‘House wife’ dares not whimper, who would hear a thing?
Done at home, the ‘dummy’ mum;
No, the wobbling beetle gets the kids to school,
Runs along with them in relays she never win.

She returns and continues the house routine;
Does laundry and cleaning business like a busy bee.
But hers is unquoted in any stock market buzz.
Hence, she’s a ‘jobless’ wife; she does nothing!

I’m a no complainer; I get it.
Do you know, I enjoy the stroll out to shop at the Down Mile?
Tired or not, the leverage is enticing.
I bask under envious stares and return same with pampering shining smiles.
And back at home,
Better than any best wild chef, I take care of dinner things.

But you, the ‘working’ husband;
You return home with a weary look and a heavy chin;
Dragging yourself about like a battered band.
You appearance says everything.
And these things, these things excuse you
For a devoted attention too.
But you’re my baby, my boo
So, I tenderly tend to your wounds.

But who’s complaining?
Oh yea, I’m but a ‘jobless’ wife!
I’m wrong and you’re always right!
I’m not whining, just saying,
You don’t have to whirr;
Except we’re on the same page in this tie.

THE 'JOBLESS' HOUSEWIFE STORY by Dominic Ayegba Okoliko

THE ‘JOBLESS’ HOUSEWIFE STORY by Dominic Ayegba Okoliko

Author: Dominic Ayegba Okoliko

Dominic is a nascent Nigerian writer with interests in poem, prose and essays. His other literary works are on this site as well as on Afreecan Read, Medium, Pulse.ng, Poemhunters, myNews24.com, and workspayce.ng. When he’s not writing, Dominic engages in humanitarian cause and works with Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Centre in Abakaliki.


  1. Reply
    Hannatu Adamu says

    I’d have laughed if it weren’t for the fact that this is reality and it isn’t funny. Many women tell this story. Sometimes, there’s their career added to the list and there’s the housework still to be done. Some countries, especially in parts of Northern Europe and the Scandinavia get the state to help by ensuring men also do their own part of the domestic work! There live the happiest women on earth!

    • Reply
      nefo says

      Reality to the fullest from an insider.

    • Reply
      Dominic Ayegba Okoliko says

      Thanks Hannatu for your comment. It’s a sad reality for many women indeed. While they are heavily multi-tasked with overlapping roles, they are less appreciated and rewarded. It is good to get the word out there so that more and more people can see the trouble ‘house wifes’ go through. Perhaps, this would result in a change in attitude.

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