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THE HORSES NEIGH (by Moses Opara on conquering fears)

The Horse's Neigh

The Horse’s Neigh

The wind whistles aloud, through my lane;
Like shadows unseen it passes.
And the fierce, busy clouds turn red
But, brave, I stand to conquer my fears.

I murmur in my mind (for nothing),
Yearning within for the taste of Freedom.
Alas, my Freedom is yet to come.
But I see it distant miles ahead.

They have pressed a button. I feel at a pause,
And I steal breaths is desperation;
I have been running, from a distance far away,
But my pace still remains untamed.

The beasts are after me, I shiver in bravery,
Without fears of what is ahead of me.
Oh. My legs caution me, I am not afraid
But I must run (don’t ask me why).

I was born here in this land,
And can dance to the rhythm of its hollow thuds;
I can stand among the best in contest
When it comes, without misplacing a step.

To rent my soul from defeat I pause:
But unknown climates
Feed on my many dreams
And I skip a beat to its rhythm.

As predators draw nearer,
I scuttle along, slowly,
And I begin to hear an the echoes
Of my blinking foot-steps.

My muscles sigh within
And my shadows gasp for breath.
I turned my steps to leaps
And my weakness became huge strength.

With a new found hope, I forge ahead
To a destination of no defeat,
Following unseen paths, out of breath.
I turn and neigh out loud.

Under the cruel tones of the dancing sun and moon,
I shed tears and pled to my feet
As I walk through the shadows of light and darkness,
Withstanding breezes as heavy storms.

Often I find myself beside a pool of water of ignorance
And each time I sink my face into it to drink deeply.
Satisfied, I look ahead to face the fear’s before me
But it only clots the moment with torments!

I have known how life treats; good and bad,
As along I trek, paused to imagine in my heart;
What would life be like
If I could not walk the earth free?

So I walk, towards the destination
The place where the battle must finish;
I trudge ahead in victory, not afraid to fall or fail,
For I must pursue to conquer my fears.

meet the poet: Moses Opara

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