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The Greatest [The Greatest]

There exists a form of care and candor:
Besieged by unbridled callousness and cruelty,
Oppressed by humiliating wickedness and wizardry,
Provoked by unnumbered foes and fiends,
Burdened with multitude of demands and damages,
Remains unbowed and unconquered.
Instead, it rises to rescue,
It recuperates and restores others.
Love truly is the greatest;
The timeless greatest virtue!

There exists a type of care and candor:
Troubled and trampled on every side,
Hunted and harassed, for the umpteenth time,
Mangled and mutilated mercilessly,
Beaten, battered and bent,
Yet, refuses to bow to tin-gods.
Instead it rises to illuminate dark paths.
Like a compassionate mother, it forbears;
As the fountain of life, it flows unhindered,
Healing deep wounds of hatred.

There exists a type of care and candor
This mocks danger and death,
Wearies wickedness and wantonness,
Conquers malevolence and malfeasance,
Transcends Machiavellian gain and glory,
Tames troubles and terrors,
Seems to lose the best and all,
Yet, gains the ethereal and eternal,
Heals, helps and holds the human soul.
It is indeed the greatest of all virtue!

Written by: Passy Amaraegbu
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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