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The Eagle And The Rodents [The Eagle And The Rodents]

Cries of angels hovering, quieted the clamour of a surfing heart
Large elephants came, flocked by wild demons playing thuggishly with a gun.
Inside the silver nest, there cocooned the eagle, who received our sacrifice periodically from a tall iroko.
Some rodents helplessly watched with their fingers poking the earth, unnoticed.

Wide set of wing balanced as clouds in the sky, a fully grown eagle ascended and started a talk;
Storm of hands struggled and were waved for observation. All were denied with lean cain.
It was nearly a decade ago he came, so, we have to watch him carefully and mind mind his
fairy words.
He pledged the heaven and earth. And planted empire of glory in words.

After a long row of dialogue, the beast of the air shrieked, clawing, as some houseflies perched on some hosts.
The gong was sounded; everyone sauntered back to his hut beating their chests
Against the dusty air as the air-lord flew back to the Eden where it came from.
It will soon be harmattan again; the rodents will be preyed. And the scavengers will feed, in four moons, ferociously, on human souls.

Written by: Olajide Michael
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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