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The Devil Is Not A Sinner [The Devil Is Not A Sinner]

Can you do me a favor?
Define sin
If sin is what you’ve just finished defining
Then I’ve seen sin since I was born
But I wonder and ponder why the blame goes to just one

The devil is not a sinner
Because he didn’t over pamper Ben
And kept him in pampers till he was ten
Now he doesn’t greet elders
He’s just a teen at seventeen
Already two girls are with child for him
Is it the Devil’s fault or bad parenting?

Oh you too!!
Award winning lazy JAMBITE
All you know is rub some jam and take a bite
Of sliced bread while still in bed
Now in the hall your eyes are red
It’s the devil fault that you’ve not read

The devil is not a sinner
Because he did not lock that door to take that bribe
Or sack the man who is not from your tribe
Even the holy books can ascribe
That the devil was not the Pharisee or a scribe
That crucified the lion of the Judah tribe

The devil is not a sinner!
Don’t call me Devil’s advocate, I’m no demon
The truth is bitter, so this might taste like lemon
Just know; whatever you did was done by you
So never, ever blame the Devil for what you do.

Stop pointing–because the other four fingers are pointing at you!!

Written by: Wikina Ebenezar
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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