The Crescent And The Cross

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In this dark corner, I bend and brood
On the desolation unleashed upon my land
Such tremulous monody I’m wont to sing
Concerning the crescent and the cross
Two strange visitors outstripping the host
And we like the proverbial mourner,
Crying far more than the bereaved

Divided, we keep widening the gaps
Along both ethnic and religious maps
Each clutching to his parochial beliefs
One says the crescent is better,
The other affirms the cross is nobler
But between the crescent and the cross
Which was known to our forebears?

Let the crescent sliver in the North
And let the cross blossom in the South
But let’s keep to our common humanity
By accommodating our mutual diversity
For we are children of the same parents
Forged from the womb of the earth!

Written by: Basil Ovu
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson


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