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The Boomerang [The Boomerang]

You ask why you’re so miserable
Why you possess nothing, even a hanging cable
How did you expect your ending to be?
You thought it would be fruitful and fulfilling?
Nah, it can never be like that
After all you’ve done to others!?

The bribes are nothing but a curse
Using your position to raid others’ purse
The curse shall surely manifest in your life
It shall pull you down from up so high
Toss and throw you – or even hanged
Surely, this is a boomerang!

What of those you have oppressed
Used your affluence to make them depressed
For they were small flies under your power
You forgot The One who is up high
Who fights for those with no rank
Surely, you’ve earned this boomerang!

Remember your acts of dishonesty?
With it, you sought to be strong and mighty
But dishonesty takes one nowhere-
It fiddled with you like a teddy bear
And threw you into destruction’s garden
Where you now carry boomerang burdens

If you are like this
Re-think and pull-out of it
For it is never too late
Seek forgiveness for your atrocities
That you might be cleansed from your sinful life
Else, Boomerang shall come after your life!

Written by: Adeniji Olayemi
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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