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THE BOND FREE MAN by Ugochukwu Ohadoma

Why does my heart love you,
And then wish it was independent of you?
Why does your will bring pain?
And then fulfilling it joy and gain?
Why does my strength fail,
And my hands grow pale
When I realise I’m far from you?
Why must I be close to you?
Are you for real sometimes I ask?
Is believing in you such a great task?
I try to wish you did not exist
So I would be free from you at least
You should have just made me your servant
Or better still left me totally free from your command
But you have made me more than just a servant
And yet I must do all your bidding and command
I once was free and bond and damned
But now I’m free and bond but saved
You gave me life by taking my life
Now I have a life that isn’t mine
THE BOND FREE MAN by Ugochukwu Ohadoma

THE BOND FREE MAN by Ugochukwu Ohadoma

Author: Ugochukwu Ohadoma

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