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The Apotheosis Of The Raindrop [The Apotheosis Of The Raindrop]

Did you leave the throne of the father?
That Paradise lost by the sole dissenter;
Whose foremost defiance and toss,
Engendered my lasting decline and loss.
Hence you must fall on me
And soothe my injury and burning scar;
You who slew the fury of the morning star
And purged my vulgarities clean.

What worlds did you leave behind?
What sights and wonders and delights
Did you encounter and record as you dropped,
Gliding through the Brumidi corridors of your fall?
And after you left your lofty place,
Did you regret the unwelcome hence,
When you struck our forbidding earth
And was sucked deep into our scorching dirt?

Let me draw me close to you;
So immaculate of form and view.
What a wonder in my palm you are!
Coming from clouds in heaven so far.
So tiny yet you enlarge all
With a look through your crystal ball.
Are you the sighs from a weepy god?
Some priceless tears from a unicorn?
Or a messenger come to my Capitol;
Bearing Victory, Liberty and all?

You were present at the Grand Inception;
Your moisture gave breath to the great World.
So here’s with awe and deep reflection;
My salute to the raindrop.

Written by: Davids Ezimako
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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