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TEARS OF THE LOST [Tears Of The Lost] [Tears Of The Lost]

Mother where are you!
This was not what you told me in your tummy
How come the world is so hot!
Mother! Look at headless bodies on the street

And you could not wait to see it all
Did you set me a trap, by sending me to the world?
‘A land of milk and honey’ so I heard
What has happened ? This looks like hell

Mother, look! A child that looks like a maggot
Did he come to the world alone?
Was he born to be poor and rot?
Please wake up and answer my question!

What happened to your forehead?
What did the doctor remove inside?
Why do you only talk about guns?
I do not even know how it looks

When are you going to germinate
From the sand into which you were sown?
I saw them covering you with white cloth
Are you going to produce good fruit?

Oh mother!, you told me the world is filled with milk
You convinced me that the life is a river of honey
Now that I am here to see how it looks
You closed your eyes and bade me farewell

You told me the milk in the land is endless
That the honey here is sweet and medicinal
But it seems that the bees are all dying
And the milk has become sour


Written by: Olusegun Governor Lawa


Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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