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TA IYA by Ken Mamman

Yarinya yar matan
You are a true child of your mama
Kalonki kawai is a blessing to heart
Darinya ki something I have never seen
You embody true africaness in you
The blood of and sweat of our fathers
Run throw your jijiya

Ina gaki, you make lose my hakali
Because beauty na ki is mamakious
In na gan ki my heart to do rikici
But I can do a thing because jiki
Ba heart is rikici

Anytime I smell ur presence
I feel african in me
The vast green vegetation so adorable
Which ur beauty stands
The toiled fertile soil ganished with the sweat of our fathers, which shows
Our habitant will be great sons of the soil

I look far from here
I see nothing
But walkiyan beauty na ki
Kaman tauraro a sky
You deserve the title
Yar matan ta

I see the sweet hot sun
That makes you true
That sun that burns and
Beautify your being
The thought of she
Makes me elope
Into my tunani

I feel it in me and I see it in you
I hear it from you
And I listen to it
I know, you know
What I know
In me you kept you

TA IYA by Ken Mamman

TA IYA by Ken Mamman

Author: Ken Mamman

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