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STRANGER LOVER by Prince Kuti Adetoye Olayinka

I vowed not to love.
Bound love in a prison
And stamped indifference
On my bleating heart.

I vowed never to care
Because each time,
Love struck a spear
In the deep innards of my soul.
I bowed no knee to love,
Swore no fealty to emotions
Till you came along.

We held hands and parted lips,
Fought hard and kissed hard.
Our every embrace in lust
Felt like poisonous solace.
We were happy, needing nothing
But to keep loving.
We were like roots and soil,

It feels like we never met
Except as briefly as silence,
As shy as thunderbolts.
We have shot eachother
With painful darts,
Given parting kisses
With needle like lips,hurt eachother
We,once lovers
Now,less close than strangers!

The end of ‘US’,
Beginning of ‘YOU’ and “JUST ME”!


STRANGER LOVER by Prince Kuti Adetoye Olayinka

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