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Strainer At The Stream [Strainer At The Stream]

In a fit of anger,
Almost exploding like a banger
I stepped out to quench my hunger
My swags gave way to another’s swagger.

Imagine her boldness!
How on earth..! No, no forgiveness.
I should be adored for my hearts largeness.
Now, she dares question my absence!

Where are they that’ll make her sit up?
Daughter’s with whom I’d like to sup,
Have my fill, and then give a burp.
Who cares how much this will gulp?

On and on… Here we go!
Pass me not, fair-skinned like mango
Then, a feverish dance, a tango.
Her corn-rowed hair reminiscence of Sango

Time to go, But I’m stuck!
Not minding my band, a bargain she struck.
“Forget me not, but forget the clock,
All it does is tick and tuck.”

“Bone of my bones” my foot!
My new ‘find’ would lick my boot.
For her who ‘Babys’ me all day, I’ll loot.
Alas, by chance, I got wind of her root;

Her bottomless coffers yearn for donors
Jack, Johnson, smith or Bucknor.
She cares less for her honor.
Now, she confers on me dishonor!

Empty me! At the stream with a strainer,
Hoisting a shame-stained banner.
Though I was fed with Heaven’s Manna,
I sought the mire to wallow in this manner!

Written by: Miranda Ogboru
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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