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Stench In The Nose Of God

Stench In The Nose Of God

The murder of mother earth; shedding of blood
Is but a breathing stench in the nose of God!

Man against man, no one knows another.
Woman against woman, all is put asunder.
Brother against sister, the cord is broken.
The scion forgets that his breath is a token.

The earth cries out, her voice rings out
But we hear not as we sow the evil seed about.
So she grumbles and groans, and yet we hear not
Being consumed in the forges of our thought.

Here I hear the wordless cries of hungry babies
There the waters have stung like angry bees.
Yesterday it was the angry wind that visited us
Today the Earthquake rides in on his horse.

How did we come this far; we are lost?
When did we heed the voice of our lust?
Now God doth watch from the skies above
While we cook the broth of evil on our stove?

The deeds that the hands of men do,
And the thoughts of our hearts too,
Are they not but a stench in the nose of God
Crying out with the voice of Abel’s blood?

One step is all that we have yet.
We can return or plunge down to death.
For now we stand at the edge of the cliff
And we flutter in the wind like a leaf.

Oh! How much God must have groaned!
How much, the Almighty must have moaned!
So I say, shall we not return to the paths?
Shall we not open again our frozen hearts?

Love is all we need

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