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Sniper [Sniper]

Hitting from afar
Hitting an unarmed me
She’s been trained to shoot
She’s been train to kill

Too weak to challenge me
Too scared to come near
She’s a weaker vessel yet she kills
She needs no bullet to kill me

Why do this to me
Why take me to an Oasis to strand me
Why shoot me with no intent to kill
Why spare me the brunt of heartbreak

Caution is her codename
Deadshot is the game
Victim of blind gods
Son of Venus
She strikes harder than Cupid
You hit me, not cupid

You’re wicked
Too stupid to use your heart
Too wise to follow your head
Even with no weapon you’re killing
You’re my killer and my healer
My asthma and my inhaler
I’m the reason you stay awake at night
You’re the reason I have no night

All night filled with dreams
Beautiful nightmare that end in heartbreak
I’m a Knight with no shining armour
What’s the use of a sword against a shot
She’s killing, she’s healing
Why too shy to claim glory?
Why saving all till untold story
Of a man killed not in battle?
She’s far away
Yet killing me in my bedroom

I’m beyond healing
Leave me here to die
A death befitting of a stupid brave man
A death unmerited of Valhalla
A chase to go to Olympus to slay Cupid
You could kill me and I could kill love

Written by: Semiú Femiblaze
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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