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Your complexion indeed competes
With a ripe pawpaw
and it’s true that it never fails
To capture roaming gazes

whose skin color
Is like shining charcoal
Bewitching the eyes of young and old

Skirt and Blouse
Respect and dignity
Secret of nudity
During days of decency

To you Skirt
Why have you change of sudden
Keeping malice with the knee?
Showing hips that glow
Radiating like a hot coal

You also have refused
to prevent naked shame again
Why do you now presen
slacked breast and cleavages?
Casting shadow of lust on roaming retinas

Skirts and Blouse
You now roam the street
Bewitching innocent trousers
Showing to them long straight legs
That cause tension
Like a soldier attention

Skirt and Blouse
Turned ushers of doom
When days of decency
Have slept in their graves

To me Kolawolu,
I have spoken to my Legs
To run away from skirts
Whose lips tell tales of doom
And blouse
Of stolen conscience
Who behold secrets to early grave

Skirt and Blouse
I learnt you never deny access again
To the well of wonders
Between your twin towers
Falling victims to sweet lies
Confined in the pockets of
Lying trousers

I have pleaded with the wind
To courier my words to you
Let them journey through your veins

Remember him
That will be the cloud
To cover your nudity in his shelter
Remember him
That tree which will
shade you from the
spitting sun tomorrow

Take heed
Lest your dignity
be as black as the sun
wrapped in the warmth of regret

Written by: Odunola Don Kolawolu


Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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