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She Is Not Perfect [She Is Not Perfect]

She is not perfect
But her eyes stole the colours of rainbow
They lights up my skies on happy days
Parabolic beauty beyond compare

She is not perfect
But the melody of her voice
Calms the taut nerves of my heart
And sings my soul to sleep

She is not perfect
But her lips are softer than butter
And firm is the roundness
Of the swells on her chest

She is not perfect
Yet, I would not trade her
For angels that walk on land
Or mermaids from sea deeps

She is not perfect
So when I frown my face
As she walks by, do not smile
She’ll soon be in my arms

She is not perfect
But our heart are one
The osmosis of love
Made it so

She is not perfect
But I will sow my seed in her
And nurture her fruits
To perfect ripeness

She is not perfect
And will never be
But who is perfect?
Not you, not me

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