SHADOWS ON HIS WALL by Ojembe Victor

The figure on his bright walls cries for help
The muted screams of a girl,
Sit beneath her bowels
The fast grinding of his waist,
creating a bitter-sweet cascade,
of pleasure and pain
The dried tears on her bruised face,
sat like maps to find hell

The shadow on his walls
shows a damsel singing a painful hymn
It sent chills through the spines
of onlookers sitting in empty tiers
They watch the shadow of a gyrating beast
reaching orgasm in cruelty
The silence of a damaged girl
Echoing beneath the shadows

He threw his humanity into a trash can
Before sending her to hell
It was not once,twice or thrice,
but a regular shuttle to the deep
Her bruised wrinkled face,
a familiar shadow in the abyss

Her shadow on his wall,
fighting for quick escape
Her hands bounded in chains,
locked in his mental prison
Though sick with sexual affliction,
She lives in oblivion,
where smiles lurks in her imagination,
ignoring the daily ejaculation from his rod

At the midnight hour,
When nocturnal beings hoot and whisper,
The shadow on his wall,
shows a girl returning from her empty space
where she slept unclad
She tried searching for herself in his prison,
with chains and cum

A prisoner in his world of shadows
locked in his door less world
She sleeps in seclusion,
waiting for no savior
Saviors don’t stand in shadows and walls
they always dance in her benign imagination

SHADOWS ON HIS WALL by Ojembe Victor

SHADOWS ON HIS WALL by Ojembe Victor

Author: Ojembe Victor


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    Anonymous says

    Hmmmmm…. Her painful hymn sent chills through the spines of ONLOOKERS
    sitting in empty tiers. Nice on, Victor

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