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Scars [Scars]

Years ago, someone told me
“Take caution when it comes to love
Because people create illusions
In their ways, they hardly fail

While yet alive, no need for a reward
When I die, I know I will be worthy
My past they will remember for good
My good deeds will grace its reward

Now in motion towards a new promotion
The old memories will erase and fade
And refresh the new days
Where I will not seek reward from dust

But I know I too will soon fade
And then I will not come back again!
They have led me up the wrong way
Now I’m wise enough to trace the new way

I’ve died and been buried and resurrected!
In their territory I’ve won victory… that is priceless!
Is it because I am senseless? Is that how they felt?
Nothing is new to me again. All seems same!

If you’re not brave, better stay still, akin to a grave
I have followed evil roads since the days of old!
My father did the same
Suddenly he faded without trace!

Lo, if my father had been wise enough
I would not have had to face this storm!
He and mother have led me from the womb
No need for you to judge me. I know am tough!

The wound I had have been heal by the old God
Do I have the new God?
The generation scars I have are not my fault
Now I have scars but no more wounds!

Written by: Glory Adore
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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