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Scars Of The Cross [Scars Of The Cross]

First, He had no defender
His Father forsook Him
His bosom friends rejected Him
Denial was the gift of His closest ally
Yet, another betrayed Him.

Also His beneficiaries reneged
The malicious crowd despised Him
The blood-thirsty rabid crowd
Cheered the mercenary Roman soldiers
To execute horror and terror.

Arriving Golgotha hill
Wicked nails and hammer conspired
Igneous human and satanic venom married
To perpetuate horror and terror
On the Lamb of God.

The expertise mercenary soldiers
Executing their evil mission
Located the nerves and arteries
Enjoying a sadist trip
They inflicted ghastly wounds on the Lamb.

The pains excruciating and exacerbating
Terrible and toxic spasms
Captivated every cell of His being
Writhing in agony and anguish
He bore my sorrow and suffering.

In the midst of these horrible pains
He gave up the ghost
Bearing and baring gnashing wounds
From His head to His toes
As the flood of blood assuaged.

Rising up on the third day
He exchanged mortality with immortality
Now a celestial body
He chose to bear the scars
To bear wetness to His passion.

Today, the scars scream the Good news
They call and claim us to the kingdom
As symbols of love and forgiveness
The scars are immortal witnesses
Once detestable, now desirable.

Written by: Passy Amaraegbu
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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