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SAYING GOODBYE by Olabusayo Ajayi Hammed

Goodbyes are doors
That leads to nirvana
Or another squinched door
Where painted memories sync
To the breath nights breathes
Inside Colossal flashbacks:
Gory reminiscence, of extrinsic feelings,
Of aliens, and wafture hearts.
Inside goodbyes, there is tears
Of known stranger, whose intimate
Is blood and it hatchway is rock

Inside tears of brokenness
There is door that leads to door
Of exotic loneliness and soulfulness
Of languish moans of beloved
Of swinging thresholds of hearts
Of rivers banking on heart of sea
Of hunting scents of allys
Of fuzzy spark of passion
Of dreary nights without sleep
Of holding heart in hand, and
Waiting world to end…

Inside goodbye there’s freedom
Inside freedom there’s boredom
Inside boredom there’s memories
Inside memories there’s love stories:
Of fallen heart inside empty sky
And feathered passions that fly

Some goodbyes are fetters
Their pinions are cuffs, holding
Your hands to past incidents.
It nights serves yore in hot-plate
Of flashes mixed with fright.

Goodbyes should be out-bid.
Inside door of doors, there is
Another yawning door, wherein
Gory memories enter – surreptitiously
With dishes of torrents yore….

SAYING GOODBYE by Olabusayo Ajayi Hammed

SAYING GOODBYE by Olabusayo Ajayi Hammed

Author: Olabusayo Ajayi Hammed

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