SAVIOUR by Joshua Levites

I saw the little baby crying,
At the end of the road.
A group of saddened orphans
That don’t have where to go.
It was a night before I saw you with the Lady,
Whose skirt barely covered her thighs.
You two were standing beside a poor girl
Who pleads with her cries,
“Please be my saviour”
You opted to save your emotions instead
With kisses on the lady’s lips,
While the poor girl dies with a ‘saviour-need’.
How do you sleep while she dies?
How do you leave and still say good night?
What do you feel when you hear the needy cry?
Can you even look me in the eye
And tell me why?

Behind you is that family living in agony
They are all alone with no money.
Beside you a lonely boy cries
And all you could say is “I’m not your mommy!”
You disregarded the cries of the homeless
As a mere sensless noise.
Everywhere around,  you could hear the cry,
“Please be my saviour”
But you opted to save your possession instead
As you passionately embrace your money;
Its yours and yours alone.
How do you sleep while they die?
How do you ignore the cries and still say goodbye?
What do you feel when you hear the needy cry?
Can you even look me in the eye
And tell me why?

Can’t we go back to the crying babies,
And wipe off their tears
With the palms of care?
Can’t we embrace the saddened orphans
And be their parents,
Their mentors?
Can’t we go back to the lonely boys,
And be a companion to them,
A friend?

So one day, when they can finally stand on their feet                  they too can extend helping hands
To those who cry around them
“Please be our saviour”.

SAVIOUR by Joshua Levites

SAVIOUR by Joshua Levites

Author: Joshua Levites


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    Hannatu Adamu says

    Aren’t we all guilty? This poem makes us feel ashamed and rightly so. The many adults around children constantly fail them

  2. Reply
    James says

    This is astronomical. Out of the universe and into a white hole. The passion and emotion in this piece is extraordinary. Wow! Take a bow. I sure did, as I read through the hidden messages hidden between the lines. Awesome

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