ROSY-TOONS by Yugo Gabriel Egboluche

You send me into a trance
riding on wheels as chariots
never doubting I be the prince
reeling charms meant for patriots
when rosy winds allowed a prance;
and wallets fuss not on choice carrots.

Your hips softly spoke of love enthralled,
glowing still under rainbow coloured rays,
leading me thru a path to journeys herald
of love bellied in the gloss of lavish hays,
never attuned to pale wallets, spiralled
by the fated reality of mortal days

Now you tell of love in seasons;
how my emptied wallets had
left me bitter with poisons,
even turned me into a lad
sapped of adult reasons

and cruelly left for sad

Now you say; none
needs a biter man
or a broken tone,
that all need fan
rosy links cone,
or bear the tan.

ROSY-TOONS by Yugo Gabriel Egboluche

ROSY-TOONS by Yugo Gabriel Egboluche

Author: Yugo Gabriel Egboluche

Yugo Gabriel Egboluche is a graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He lives and writes from Nigeria, where he works as a Development Practitioner with a flair for extensive writing that covers poetry, fiction, script and copy-writing. His works have been published in chapbooks and webzines including The Kalahari Review, Praxis Magazine Online, while his short stories have been published in an Experimental Writing, African Vs Latin America anthology, blogs and translated into film. He has also edited and co-authored numerous community development texts and guidebooks.


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    A. S. Madaki says

    I am humble, noble and a diligent young Nigeria citizen with deep brow of psychological thought and idea, in my conventional wisdom of mindset for fiction, poetry is enough to express any warmness feelings to the world and is a critical self spells for freedom. The mental or snapshot of any ridiculous ideas prefigure and visualize to form a poetic work of art is certain to a degree of proficiency. My creative writing include vast spectacular work of arts of literature, it is splendid like the recent time poetry which it’s doesn’t torment human feeling rather pleases for brave heart individual.

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