Robin van Devil

Robin van Devil

There was a Robin in my hood
With nimble feet – oh! – he was good.

And Robin nursed a broken wing
But still to him did Arsene cling –
For 7 eons without relent –
Until the Robin’s wings had strength!

1 season Robin made us fly-
The Tots and Blues we did fly by.
So Song, our Ox and all the boys
Did bask is Gooners’ pleasant noise!

The Robin’s head became too big;
He said, “Arsene, you aint my league”!
And Robin ate the Devil’s pie –
Red recipe that’ll make him die!

So when you see the Robin pause
And pray he gets hit by a bus!!!

I am a gunner till I die!!!

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • Lovely…so precise with clear imageries here and there…I can feel Song, Oxlain Chamberlain, Arsene Wenger..all in imageries….Good 1 Poet….’Bestest…’

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