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RETURN OF THE HADES by Gideon Abowha

Blood in the eyes
Brawny men occupying all sides
Children cries
Mothers being whipped
Adversity made his way amidst
Travails travelled down
A lonely dark world
Full of pains
Where I called “The land of the dead” The hades.

A no mans land
Where ghost consist
Like an halloween
Where all seems terribly darkened.
Craving for just a flash light but none.
All like an hallucination
A command and no objection.
Unending pains
Piercing me whole
Hungry monsters
Hunts for blood.

Wraiths being sanguinary
Trained militias gyrating around pointing mucilage at all ends.
I heard screams from all streams.
“Are u one of them?” So I was asked.
Masticated my thoughts
Dare to speak.
Monsters sounding “aha-aha-aha”
My fearful mind tore to pieces.

The veritable world of the hades
Where happiness is disallowed
And sadness allowed.
Graves full of bones that makes no sound
My heart moving through a tunnel
In it screams and echoes
Full of darkness
I see alone coffins under sail
Embarking with the pale dead
With the giant lord of the hades.

Women having dead hair.
With bakers as white as angels
Darkness goes through the world
Lapping the floor
Looking for corpses
My already ripped heart grumbled

The gracious pains and sorrows of the hades world
Apocalypsed my heart
Frustration and confusion shaped me another world of the dead.
For this is the return of the hades.
The land of the dead
Where monsters lives in the neighborhood.

Author: Gideon Abowha

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