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Let’s all go a hunter to the bank
of Benue river
for there could be the Python(s)
that bank(s) the wealth of a nation;
and not flesh or eggs, or fertile Aso rats,
no more as desserts.

Let’s chew again some sweet fables how green
is Green’s grass that shelters green snake(s);
Dragons, all-powerful to turn Wilderness to woods
but black deviled, brewing us steady toxic wines.

Ours is dry woods a Soil full of red natives and Black Mamba(s)
Our bloods, pigmented in shades with the nights seeking green vegetables for
selves at every sun they see.

Yet another legend that dazzles,
a chain black beauty on black earth that wins us
laurels amongst Black nations.

“On this episode of ‘Animal Farm’, corruption blues”
JAMB, not only chief of this majestic woes
But upon every roof is this monster that queens
in a frail race.

Will you become yet another weakling, Eagle?


(In reflection of the level of corruption in Nigeria with idea drawn from the ‘money-swallowing snake’ in Makurdi, Benue State Nigeria)

Author: Victor Igiri

Victor Igiri is an award- winning Nigerian poet and essayist, and a writer based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a creative entrepreneur who aims to “die empty” leveraging on his skills and talents to create positive impact on earth. He is a poet contributor for Independent Newspaper, Lagos,, and a host of other websites where he shares his poems and inspirational articles. He is the administrator of Purpose Driven Youth Network, a website and Facebook page that is aimed at inspiring people, especially the youths and teenagers in making impact in life.
His poems have been anthologized in various spaces; nationally and internationally.

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