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RAIN by Saidu Mark Jatau

Oh! My soul leaped for joy watching the cloud cry today,
She must have been beaten black and blue
as I watched her tears pouring out uncontrollable today.
Even the ground could not hide her joy
She has been deprived of water to drink for so long,
Now there is chill in the air and the song to play is sweet again.

Wishy washy is the song her tears sing as it pours out again.
Ah! the children danced excitedly using her tears drop to bathe today.
Oh! That smell that feast the air is food for our soul to drink.
We all wish and pray for the tears to pour and never stop again.

Though she cried foul for all today,
Let her tears not surplus the earth to drain.
Her anger is the bitter pill we all must avoid to see.
But in moderate her tears a blessing for us to reap.

The tide has changed, the flowers all blossom.
The Seeds break forth, the farmers are dancing again.
It must have been long awaited for the party is loud for all to see,
And we shall continue to sing for the spring of growth is here again.
These fruits shall bear forth seeds in due time for us to save,
As the tears of the mother cloud shall bud a life for all again.

Nigerian Poetry - RAIN by Saidu Mark Jatau

Author: Saidu Mark Jatau

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