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PRE-EXISTENCE (by Fr. Albert Jungers)

Pre Existence

Pre Existence

If I could be before myself
Then I might never have been here…
But the die was cast, without my help
And so I needn’t any fear.

My judgment isn’t the one that counts,
When all is said and done,
But it is He the Throne that mounts
And so He is the One.

If I made an error
Then truly I am sorry…
But the end will be no terror,
If ever there was a worry.

If I my sins before Him laid,
Then asked what their price might be…
But by the Judge of all that price was paid
And so I shall go free.

He it was Who began it all,
By Him the die was cast,
But He left it for me to make the call
When the first ones shall be last.

If I go to the beginning then…
Ask Him to speak for me,
I have His own assurance when
He the Judge shall be.

The beginning and end are both today
It’s now He sets me free
The decision is mine to find the Way
And who then I shall be.

 meet the poet: Albert Jungers

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