PRAY FOR ME FATHER by Ojembe Victor

Pray for me father
Pray for me father,
I killed IT.
Killed the tiny heart dancing to life’s beats,
Strangled in pain and rage.

ITS tears flooding my bowel,
Drowning my every being.
I get intense Goosebumps,
When it yawns deeply.

Daddy’s seed growing too quickly,
I guess he planted with fertilizer.
The fruit of his great phallus,
Steadily making me drowsy.

My heart like full bottles,
Heavy and wrinkled.
My world empty like oblivion,
No trace of true clarity.

Should I have kept it?
How can I love a product of familiar inhumaneness?
Product of sexual rage and regrets,
Vain pleasure and abomination.

Pain from beelike stings,
Giving me outward inflammation,
Swollen in pain, anguish and regrets.
I buried IT six feet prematurely.

Mother keeps biting her nails,
The news of taboo made her stars dim.
We left father’s walls with words and tears,
Strolling through the bizarre street of morality.

Pray for me father,
I have committed murder.
My white flower now wrinkled with strange colors,
I have a blade standing on my vein.

Author: Ojembe Victor


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    Hannatu Adamu says

    Aah! Spilling innocent blood! What could erase that bloody stain? Aah! Must follow the evil with good: it’ll erase it!

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