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PORNOGRAPHY by Olawale Ibiyemi

We want to watch our mothers
Clamber the hills of ecstasy
And briskly touch ourselves in pursuit.

The father without shame pummels
His daughter with the rod
Not meant for the child.

The newly weded couple
Throw the sanctity of secrecy to the gyre
Of the camera; Lord we are watching.

The woman is not our helpmate
She is a device employed
For the satisfaction of our concupiscence.

Eve will not get pregnant
And Adam will use no raincoat
Eve will not get pregnant.

The priest sacred will orgasm,
Spilling his seed unborn
Onto the bossoms of his concubine:

Eve never gets pregnant.

We are blind because we
Think we can

Pursue sin we do wholeheartedly;
And Death follows behind.

We are blind because we
Think we can

Our little sister is naked,
And we peep through the keyhole
Briskly touching ourselves in pursuit of death.

Then Èsù whispers, “why not open
The door?”
“Yea, hath God said, ye shall not eat
Of every tree of the garden?”

Ah! Èsù ma se mi o, omo elòmíràn
Ni ko se
Little sister; lamb for the slaughter,
Oblivious of the hymen-eating
Monsters that lurk in the house.

Courage satanic grabs hold
Of the mind, and the limbs burst
Into action.
The knock, when it came, subtle, masquerading
The wantings that hold the reins:

“Sade, Sade, open the door, I want to
Take something in your room?”

Yepa! it is finished;

…the monster is let in;
We will blame the Devil (as usual).

PORNOGRAPHY by Olawale Ibiyemi

PORNOGRAPHY by Olawale Ibiyemi

Author: Olawale Ibiyemi

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