Poetic Justice

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Am gonna whip em, slap em, kick em till they feel pain in their behind
Am gonna scream and then shout at the top of my voice till they hear me
Am gonna jump, and then run and surf like they do in Miami.
Am gonna be up and down, everywhere, in your face, till you get the message

Just like the message leaving my brain, seeping through my vein
Passing through pen, getting etched in marble

Am gonna slip into your closets, get into your consciences
Creep under your skins until you flip your chairs and your tables
Then an gonna glide into your corner, move you into a closure
Slide till I’m closer than close, just to make you uncomfortable

This poetic justice is about our bad leaders
Time to stop the music and then face some more music
Look into the mirror and watch through the cracks left by your reflections

This poetic justice is more about you and I – bad followers;
We shun lovers to vote for our next leaders, not dressed in Ankara rags like masqueraders
Or equate the Congo of rice for the next messiah

But our pasts reckoning, our presents re-calling
And our futures beckoning as we matched together into glory
Where our children will see no tribes, no race and no religions

Written by: Adeolu Adesanya

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • Bada, Yusuf Amoo

    We just need to take the mandate, the present is recalling. Great write Poet.

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