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National goals have become capital bores
And the soul is captive that pursues its chores!
Our goals are unset like keys uncut,
Heavy, they work our backs to hurt.

Let it be known, the land is our to defend
And on our rise, its future doth depend!
While we stand by and let the dust gather
Our pains still bite, deeper and harder!
So shall we then let our nation rot
Or play our part, in deed and in though?

No, we won’t just watch (and lie in our cots)
We’ll give life to our rebellious thoughts.
Together we will smash their magic pots
And let set ablaze their scripted plots!

Did they not say, “United we stand tall?”
Do you not know that “Divided we fall?”
Be not ashamed, co-defenders arise;
Take hoes, guns or ink-pot and fight for the prize!

Kukogho Iruesiri Samson
Kehinde Fatai
Davids Ezimako B
Lawal J. Ayub Coolgeezy
Owokere A. Etim
Ogoluwa Simon Ojewale
Onileagbon Femi Amos

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