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Find a good man, whose
Head wheels a halo of hopes,
Crouch like a tigress,
Let him love you like a cat,
Stroke your head and back
Till his soul pots into yours.

And when he’s lost loving,
Fang him, left of his chest, and
Suck life out of his heart,
Laugh while you’re so doing,
Hard enough to break a rib;
A telltale, ‘He was here!’ then
Fling the pulp into the Red Sea.

Be sure he’ll live again,
In the realm of another,
Who found him by the bank and
Sheltered him in her soul, and body.
Be sure he’ll never forget you.

You’ll never forget him too,
Trust karma.


Author: Omotayo Awoyemi

Omotayo Awoyemi is a Nigerian word weaver with global vision, a medical student at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. He was living solely in his ‘world of science’ until sometimes in 2012, when he bumped accidentally into poetry. Since then, poetry kept welling up in him like an uncontrollable chain of nuclear reaction. The future is clear to him as he is set out to earn a Nobel prize for literature, not minding his science oriented background and health-based life.

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