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PATH TO BLOOM (a nature poem by Francis Achonu Egu)

4RAN6 Francis Achonu Egu

4RAN6 Francis Achonu Egu

Path to Bloom
Close to our window
Lived a tall tree
Front of our house
Her leaves littered

It looked old and brown
So it made our house
We’d sweep and burn
It would swing and drop

Moments after its dryness
It became everyone’s tree
Colour of flowers
Warmth of shade

People passed and sat
Everyone fell in love
It never left our house
All its beauty we owned

4RAN6 Francis Achonu Egu

4RAN6 Francis Achonu Egu

ABOUT 4RAN6 (Francis Achonu Egu) 4ran6, as he wants his name written in history, writes like he would want to be remembered: simple in many complex ways that a good thought simplifies.

He is author of The Receiving Earth, an anthology of poems, a debut publication.

He turns thirty today and like a true Libra, sees his society only through a scale; a fair writer-judge of all he represents.

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