Pampered Villains

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O! How long will Madam Justice bleed blood and tears?
Fed with vinegar, every now and then
Raped, stabbed and left to ache in burning coals
Yet villains are left to take away her one and only coat.

How heroes are compelled to romance prison floors
For no reason in particular
Still villains and their pals wine and dine in Ivory towers.

Madam ‘J’ must be placed in pleasant places
Else Bro. Jonah might just be running a shadow chasing race to places
Ruminating, gallivanting gallantly in the Land of Sentiment .

Where is this wrecking to?
Why is Justice kidnapped erroneously?
Pushed, painted, plastered and battered with emotional grenades
Back, front, left and right, despite in sight
Of a certain ‘not my idea’ Captain.

For how long will Boko continue to harass our caves ruthlessly
And our I.G.P gets a national award dressed gorgeously!
Arrant nonsense, foolish intelligence!
What a show of bastardized democracy
Dictatorial diplomacy, sentimental judiciary

Little wonder, Mother South presented a certain Henry
With 24 befitting gifts of scintillating imprisonment
Still, Jonah is fast asleep in that rock the call ‘Aso’

Villain Jemisi! a pat on your back?
Discharged and acquitted
For re-inventing and rediscovering wings and feathers
For pounds and dollars to fly in billions and zillions

Little wonder! He bagged a deserving international award
Of 13 years in strangulating comfort,
Elevating rapport with hardened criminals
Still, Bro. Jonah listened with divided attention.

Waking up to grant Alami a pardon.
Hmm… interestingly dignifying indeed
What a lactating adult!
Pampering villains and battering heroes.

Aba ! sacrilegious Bulama
Kai! Barao! Banza! Pardoned Shege!
Eh! 30 something billion dollars in 13 minute minutes?
Ebele! Kadan Kadan.

…And we go again
Arise O compatriots, Nigeria ‘s call obey
To serve Nigeria with all our strength or NOT BY FORCE?
Again, To uphold her honour and glory
By inventing and re-inventing
Discovering and re-discovering wings and feathers
For pounds and dollars, to fly in billions and zillions?

Written by: Bankole Kolawole
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: Bankoke Kolawole

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