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Our society today…

See government ruling without humanity!
See people practicing religion without God!
See businesses thriving without conscience!
See economies managed in refined illiteracy!

See rule of law without real power!
See murdered sovereignty, constituted ignorance!
See the ignorant making laws, ineffective!
See citizens without job, kissing poverty!

See streets tiled with neglect and light turning to darkness!
See political thugs sagging our hopes with fruitless smiles
See rain showered with dust and bloodied hope!
See security romancing insecurity in legged hopelessness!

See mechanized agriculture without mechanisms!
See petroleum with parastatals of corruption!
See people lost in tribal foolishness!
See homes fashioned with death and hunger!

See education without learning, masked with massive illiteracy!
See hospital without medicine, dressed in scarcity of basic cares!
See a society where injustice and greed have been legalized!
See a society where peace is chewed and hatred reigns with conflict!

Let’s act the peace and justice we preach
And reclaim our consciences, sold in cold-blooded tussle for pennies
While we shelve and our love for injustice to dwell,
We only allow poverty to squeeze our peoples hope.

This is our society, this is our land!

meet the poet: Moses Opara

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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