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Our Future [Our Future]

They came, they always do
inviting us to listen to their Oriki and witness
the crumbs they feed their conscience.

we sat, for hours, attracted
and often consoled by Item No 7.
Our only certain benefit in this parody.

They are proud, to have impressed
men that are not their peers

when we raise questions
they are proud to say
“we have multiplied our ignorance
by the number of your teeth,
and divided it by the number of
your heads!”

Ants! Proud to cant, and recant
the canticles of their paymasters.

Ekolo, worms thinking, that
once the earth is wet all is well
they forget their burrows are flooded
with salt-water.

We come, babes and sages
we ask of our future.
They lick red fingers, and stare.
Blank. Askance;
“Your Future!? How dare you request
income on spent currency?!”

They used it up, our lives
it passed us by, as they ate it.
They lived it, mere bio-illogical existence
that they dare call Life!

Realm where
thoughts do have the dignity of a mental process
but mere sub-cortical impulses
driving towards gratification.

Epe meri-merin ni a n fun Alakori!

Written by: Michael Olagbenro
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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