Our Battles

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“We have been through many storms, fought many wars, and still face constant attacks. Through it all we shall not perish or fall, for we carry the future on our backs” “ ~ Relevant.

We wept until blood rolled down
There was no one to hold our hands
As poverty and war wiped our tears

They murder tomorrow like chickens
Reshape our hearts with dirges
And garnish our souls with pains

We become mad men chasing winds
Shining our rotten teeth to the proud sun
Who smiles back with harshness

Daily we kiss death in the alleys of life
And fight unending battles within
Cruel attacks that weaken our faiths

We carry our sagging sack of dreams
Death is winking at us at every corner
But we trudge on….sad hunch backs

Written by: Moses Opara

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.


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