OUR ARTIFICIAL AFRICA: by Oppong Clifford Benjamin

When the birds were heard rapping
Stead of singing and wings flapping
It was obvious some things had gone wrong
And nature wouldn’t have them to its belong

When Coca Cola replaced coconut
Our women dress fine, somewhat
Men feel more presentable in suit and tie
Take every drink with a meat in pie
Africa had lost its touch
And now we talk too much

When I stopped walking the path
To Papa Akrofi’s house for my math
Mum no longer visited her friends
Phone calls… and even that it depends
If you go to school with food in leaf
You are teased. On lucky days its brief

Now that we are manufacturing another Africa
To look more beautiful, like America
Let us keep quiet to the western sufferings
When our every problem is under political coverings
And Mothers birth no children but rather offsprings
When it is more profitable to invest in soccer
Than in education and feeding of some Ugandans

Our Africa

Author: Oppong Clifford Benjamin


  1. Reply
    Iyeomoan Emmanuel Ehizogie says

    Kweku Atta Crayon, you are a master of the art.

    • Reply
      Oppong Clifford Benjamin says

      Thank you Sir Ehizogie. I learn from the best.

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