One Day You Will Vomit

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All your cheats!
Every bit of what makes you merry
One day you will vomit, all of it!

You will then be fed with burning coal
Fanned with air, sourced from your misdeeds
Hungry still you will be, deep down your soul

Forgiveness!!! Oh! No, not debatable
Because you intentionally stole from us
Resources meant to keep us comfortable

Feasting, you ‘royally’ and un-regretfully did
On our meagre survival means.
Leaving empty but dirty plates, for us to rid

Knowing well we will buy
You sell us falsehood
As manifestos; we’re left with lies

Applauded by many of us – fools
You said; “my supporters are cool”
Yet, in your mind, we are tools

Politics is like business!
So you trade your integrity for personal gains
More money earned – moral weakness

We will do this and that!
After the election
You throw at us promise-dart

Who won or lost – none cares about those
We only have this question
Are you the right man, we chose?

Dividends of democracy
Only measured with your mouth
Or your gilt-democratic pen – fallacy!!!

When will you all repent!
Beasts in sheep clothing, called men
Should we await the God-sent?

Written by: Usman Abiola
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • Abu Hayaat

    Keep it up bro.Interesting.

  • yusuffolusola

    Wish they’ll all read this and change but until then, ‘we await the God-sent’
    Nice one

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