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ODE TO LAUTECH by Samson Iroko

Before ages,
we are like fire.
Back then in the wild,
we have the guts and nerves.
But now,
it’s different with coded emblems.

We are known for our pride
We birth chaos and got it roll
When we say no, then it’s no
Even if it takes blocking the express
We got that spirit in us

But now,
our spirit are restless;
with thieves and nuisances.
Our courage is sold out;
with buglers and insanity of mind.
We’re kids,
with our cries like a whisper.

We victimise,
but end upbeing the victim.
We are the prisoners of our own creation
we start a fire,
but end up being burnt.
we roar a chaos,
but we’re just the durst.
We’re just as strong as our vulnerability.

We got the rides,
but our hearts walks barefooted.
We got the swags,
but our rhythms are so taunted.
We got the ladies,
but all shredded like a shrink rose.

Let’s talk about the boys
so bright,
but dull in mind
Known for the Y word
Wants to be famous
Wants to be comfortable

They want to ride cars
They want to ride ladies
They want to live wild
They want to make names

Yes! some have the rides
lost their dignity and pride
they got the ladies
lost their appetite and value
they live wild
but shocked with meekness

Let’s talk about the girls
So beautiful at a distance
but when you look closer
uglier than a smut
So blinded with illusions

They want the fame
They die for money
They want the good look
They end up dis-figured

Yes! some really are beautiful
but end up being a slaughter
They walk with noses all high
Valueless and empty
they think they’re classy
but their real self beneath the mascara

Let’s talk about the real Ladokites
Intelligent and swift in thought
Reading like they got gold in books
In the night they’re up reading
during the day never resting

They speak with their pens
They write with their heart
They read with their mind
They are strong in faith

Living the pride
Aided by the dream
Dominated with the spirit
Onward with struggles
Kindred in heart
Intelligent in essence
Tough in spirit
Excellent in patience
Swift in love

I’m proud to be a LADOKITE

ODE TO LAUTECH by Samson Iroko

ODE TO LAUTECH by Samson Iroko

Author: Samson Iroko

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