O CHILD! MAY 27TH by Caleb Agboola Fabiyi

O child, our hope and our joy,
Don’t play with your life like toy,
Whether you’re a girl or a boy,
Allow no one, your future, to destroy!

O child, please, use your brain well,
Your great destiny no one can tell,
Announce your decision with a bell,‎
Ring it: I’ll allow no one, my future, to  sell! ‎

O child, always remember God,
Let Him always ok your actions with a nod,
Don’t allow God to use on your back, a rod,‎
Daily bind yourself to heaven with prayer cord.

O child, be obedient, now and always,
In all the months, including Decembers and Mays,
So shall you live long on earth and see many days,
And upon your  paths in life shall shine, light rays.

Copyright 2015 By Caleb Agboola Fabiyi.‎

O CHILD! MAY 27TH by Caleb Agboola Fabiyi

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    moondustwriter says

    Caleb I love this poem. I am just finalizing a book of poetry that will be published this summer. All proceeds to benefit orphans of Ebola. https://fillthecracks.wordpress.com/submissions/
    Would love for you to consider submitting this poem. I realize if this book does well we can do more books for the children who have lost so much.

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