NO SENSE (poem by Eriata Oribhabor Poetry Prize Judge Gabriel Agema)

No Sense by Gabriel Agema

No Sense by Gabriel Agema

It is said…
why do you need to dredge
when you have no gredge
Yes, I mean remove the sand,
from the river that is now land

To an illiterate government
who rule by the stick of torment,
this makes no sense
To a navy officer,
to the engineers, to the managers
to the civil servants, no sense
To all technical people,
the reasoning people, the scientists in Nigeria,
this is no sense

So the floods have come,
now sense is made even to the villagers
to the street hawkers, and money talkers
Let sense be made,
things can be reduced, prevented or stopped
and let the blame on fate not be laid.

Gabriel Agema is a Karu-based Technology and Research Advocate who at his spare time while not working in a cyber-café or engaged in the worries of the science world (or Google searching scary topics) writes uncompleted stories and novels.

He is at present working on a literary society for teenagers in Nasarawa state.

I think I like the spirit in which people contested for this poem.

The number was surprising to me and I wish many more with such good writing should join in not only competitions like these but international ones too

Nothing is so sweet as expressing yourself in poetic device and using your poetic license.

But in doing this always remember, people want to understand what you say, enjoy what you write, and of course be able to associate with you mean.

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