NIGERIA …52YEARS AFTER (by Showunmi Olawale Michael)

Nigeria …52 Years After

Like a misled adventurer in search of the Golden Fleece,
On this path, Nigeria was made to venture
As concocted by the pleasure of her colonial masters.

As the hey days of tribulation beckoned,
She was strengthened with passion and agility to endure.
But as her offspring cohered their aggressions
The Union Jack came to reckon!

Behold- as Nigeria admiringly embraced liberation!

Independence – the virginity of Nigeria
Crowned the labors of her heroes past
But she was backstabbed by ruthless despots of the time,
While basking in the euphoria of her virginity!

Eclipsed in the shackles of Corruption,
The aroma of hope and suffering filled our hungry hearts.

Only must we brace ourselves for oppression
As being deprived of our National Cake,
Tumbling down the gullets of our political liars,
We must our destiny remake
Before this rain of hope finally fades!
Nigeria at 52 years after, still on the journey,
A journey retarded by her daunting infant democracy
Compromised by those masked in shadows,
Who have tainted the honor in her bone marrow!

What an illusioned state we nourished!

Today we stand feebly as one
Our foes in merriment and mockery-
Where does our pasture lay?

meet the poet: Showunmi Olawale Michael

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.


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    johncoyote says

    Strong people will overcome hard times. I believe your homeland will survive. People who have little to lose. Can go forward and find success with leadership and hope. A powerful poem. I pray the rich nations stop the hate. Share knowledge of food production and living condition in the places that need help instead of war. A giant of a wish.

    • Reply
      Kukogho Samson says

      I dont totally blame the rich nations for hoarding knowledge? Why? Even when they try to help us, our politicians make sure they corner every positive outcome for themselves and their families.
      Thank you so very much, friend

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