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NEW YAM FESTIVAL [New Yam Festival] [New Yam Festival]

O’ ye town crier
pick up your resonating gong
and proclaim the arrival
of a New Yam Festival

Run to the village of ‘Esuru’
where bitter-tasted yam
sing sonorous songs
in the intestines of Yam eaters
to the rhythm of digesting tubers
and proclaim that the
New Yam festival is here

Branch at the junction of ‘Lasirin’
to remember our Palm wine tapper-
whose wine can make a sinful drunkard inherit Heaven
and tell him to bring wine
to serve the villagers

Remember to call AyanWolu
at the market of ‘Cocoyam’
to bring his spirited talking drum
and beat
To invoke the sleeping spirits of god of ‘Isu’
and bless our land of bountiful harvest

And then we shall dance,
and dance – the dance of David

Invite Ode Aperin-
the only hunter who can enchant
the deadliest animal
to bring the sacrifice,
dreadful dreaded dog
which doesn’t bark but talks

New Yam festival
the time when our deserted town
is filled with august visitors

The time where our deserted market
Never cease of buying and selling
And our mouth never stop singing praises
Of Yams from Dusk to Dawn

New Yam Festival
When will I see you again?

Written by: Odunola Don Kolawolu

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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