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Shall I love not the sun, the core of my being
Or love not the moon and star, laden path of light
Will life be fresh as dew if grasses had not been
Or red be love devoid my lover’s delight
Will sky boast of hue if night is not jeweled
Or the heart be life had my lover not dwell
Sun goddess, moon queen, make our love medieval
Make our hearts immortal, kindly and jovial
Make rise our love from slumbered crust of the dust
Or make it bear, and lonely as if a must
Shall I not love you and roses be purpled
End time, heralds fear, should we not be coupled
Conceive my wish for it is friendly and dear
That we may love, to such burden do death bear

lovers nature

Folayemi Akande

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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